This new hair removal cream from Japan works like Laser Hair Removal - In A Tube. BeautyOnline examines the facts and myths behind this critical new invention

By Hillary Gittings for SterlingBeautyOnline
PUBLISHED 10 July 2020.
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Most women do it and some don’t! Hair removal should be a regular part our of beauty regime. But this new product could make it a thing of the past.
  • Breakthrough formula gets rid of hair and stops growth
  • Replicates laser hair removal by shrinking hair roots
  • Hair roots shrink to replicate male pattern baldness
  • New product set to revolutionise the way men and women get rid of unwanted hair

Women have hailed a new hair remover as a ‘miracle’ product, claiming it clears the skin of unwanted hair just like laser hair removal making shaving and waxing a thing of the past.

Hairfree is manufactured by a Japanese tech start-up. The product was launched exclusively online earlier this year and has sold out as word of its powers spread on social media. It is advisable to check the stock situation online before trying to order.

At the heart of the discovery is a newly patented ingredient GSF2:0 which when brought into contact with the hair root neutralises the growing matrix and slows down the growth of new hair. With each new hair growth cycle less hair is able to grow until growth of new hair slows to zero.

Works like laser hair removal – in a tube

One of the most advanced hair removal options to be released during the last 20 years, Hairfree combines the benefits of epilators and depilators for optimal results. While depilators remove hair from the skin’s surface, and epilators kill unwanted hair beneath the skin at the follicle, Hairfree does both. The result is smooth, silky feeling skin with absolutely no regrowth.

Unlike hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing, the manufactures claim Hairfree is designed to protect the skin and minimise damage. It’s made with all natural FDA-approved ingredients which are 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly. This ensures that the carefully crafted cream formula does not irritate the skin, minimising the risk of redness and discomfort.

Active ingredients are ‘Pulled’ into the hair root

Hairfree creates the same results as laser hair removal but by a different scientific route. Instead of traumatizing the hair root with a laser, Hairfree “kills” the root naturally – so it shrivels up and stops growing.

As Hairfree is such a gentle formula, it can be used to remove hair all over the body. Hairfree can be used on legs, underarms, the back, and the chest for top results. Tailored formulas are also available for intimate areas such as the bikini line, and for areas of coarse hair such as the neck, for permanent hair removal, where you need it.

Continual use of Hairfree over 4 – 6 weeks can kill the hair root entirely

Hairfree not only removes surface hair, and hair at the root, but actually features active ingredients which target the follicle and stop it from doing its job. Over time, continued application of these ingredients can kill the root entirely, so that no new hairs can grow. The result is permanent hair removal in the treated area.

Hairfree offers similar results to laser hair removal, although the techniques are hugely different and the processes are based in different areas of science. Laser hair removal is technology-based, using energy to destroy the follicle. Hairfree is a natural, biology-based alternative which works by mimicking physiological processes in the body to kill the root of the problem and create naturally smooth, hairless skin.

Break free from the non-stop hair removal trap with Hairfree

To break the cycle, it’s important to understand how common hair removal methods work. Most work by removing hair just from the surface of the skin. This is similar to a hair cut; it creates the appearance of less hair, without affecting the hair’s root or follicle. Some methods, like waxing, go one step further to remove hair from the follicle itself. But all this does is extend the time it takes for the hair to regrow. That’s why you may notice regrowth after just 1 day when shaving, while waxing results often last a little longer.

The Hairfree formula has been tested on a wide range of skin types and has been found safe to use even on sensitive skin.

Use Hairfree once every week for 4 – 6 weeks to see a permanent reduction

It takes just 4 to 6 weeks of once-weekly use to see permanent results from Hairfree, which means you’ll never have to shave, wax, pluck, trim, or epilate ever again.

The nutrient engineering in Hairfree is carried out by GSF2:0 recreates the conditions in the matrix bulb of the hair root at the onset of male pattern baldness.

Dr Shibata who led the research team stated that ‘to effectively treat all types of hair growth on the face and body we found it necessary to modify the formulation to target differing types of body hair’.

The 150x times close-up shows the effects of GSF2:0 in shrinking the hair follicle. The root is starved of vital nutrients necessary for hair growth. Individual hairs truncate similar to the onset of male pattern baldness.

Are there any side effects? Is Hairfree safe to use?

Manufacturier’s clinical data indicate that an incredible 99.9% of users report no side effects or allergic skin reactions. You will experience a slight tingling sensation as the ingredients get pulled into the hair root but this is not painful.

Hairfree is safe and gentle on your skin on all types and color of skin. Ingredients used in the Hairfree formulation are FDA approved.

Why all this fuss about Hairfree? Is it really that different to any other hair removal cream?

It’s simple. Hairfree combines the benefits of three separate and distinct forms of proven hair removal into a single, at-home solution that’s safe, stress-free, and really works. Hairfree is a 3-in-1 solution which acts as a depilator, epilator, and growth inhibitor.

1. Depilator
The ingredients in the Hairfree formula bond with the proteins present in the hair to break them down and dissolve them at the surface of the skin. After 4 or 5 minutes, you should notice that many of the surface hairs become loose and can be easily wiped away along with the cream. As different types of hair contain diffevrent proteins, Hairfree offers 6 different solutions tailored to everything from peach fuzz to thick, coarse hair.

2. Epilator
As well as removing hairs from the surface of the skin, Hairfree also acts as an epilator to remove hairs deep down from the follicle itself. This is similar to what happens when waxing or plucking, and ensures the entire hair is removed from the root to minimise regrowth. The advantage of this is that there is complete removal of each individual hair in the treatment area, resulting in smooth skin with absolutely no prickly stubble.

3. Growth Inhibitor
Hairfreefeatures a revolutionary growth inhibitor — Growth Shield Factor 2:0, or GSF2:0 — that gradually destroys hair follicles to prevent new regrowth in the future. When researching male pattern baldness, scientists noted that many men had a similar cell structure which causes hair follicles to die. GSF2:0 recreates this cell structure to replicate follicle-destroying activity. With continued use, Hairfree can eradicate hair follicles completely, for permanent hair removal and smooth skin, 100% of the time.

Together, these three factors work in unison to create a permanently smooth, silky, and hair-free appearance without the need for expensive or time consuming salon visits.

Hairfree is a real game changer. If you want smooth, baby-soft skin without shaving, plucking or waxing try Hairfree


Solve your hair removal problems using this new scientific method
Hairfree is one of the most advanced hair removal products available today. Tough on hair but gentle on skin, this easy to use hair removal system uses a new scientific method to help you achieve salon silky, smooth skin at home.

Hairfree works like laser hair removal to kill the root and stop hair growth
Hairfree works like laser hair removal to kill the hair at the root and prevent re-growth. It’sv so effective in fact that weekly use for a period of 30 days will give you totally hair free skin. Hairfree also comes with none of the hassle, discomfort or expense of laser treatment but gives you the same silky smooth skin with no regrowth.

Achieve totally Hairfree skin with weekly use over 30 days
Hairfree fast tracks your way to silky smooth, hair free skin with a new scientific method and ultra effective formula. Whether you want to banish the hair from your upper lip or want to stop regrowth on your legs so you can ditch your hair removal routine at last, you can achieve totally hair free skin by using Hairfree once a week for four to six weeks.

The company has introduced a range of six products all containing the ‘miracle’ ingredient that knocks out hair growth.

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